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Who We Are

Our core executive team has 50 plus years of combined experience in

— direct care delivery

— risk adjustment methodologies

— predictive modeling

— disease management

— the development of multiple web-based point-of-care decision support
    and health information exchange solutions for payers, providers and


Frankly, we know what works and what doesn’t.


Our Guiding Principles

The solutions we’ve designed are straightforward, creative and grounded in Four Guiding Principles:

Guiding Principle #1: A risk-bearing entity will achieve success if and only if it maintains a meaningful connection with its patients, their caregivers, providers and referral networks.

Fundamentally, population health management is about people and communication. It requires those involved in a patient’s care to share information so to provide as clear a picture as possible of the patient’s past and present care needs and as well as valid and useful reminders about key items and actions that are missing.

Guiding Principle #2: There’s not a single system that can or will own the network middle and better workflow trumps cool technology.

Strategic partnerships are the key to a quick impact on costs, quality and patient satisfaction. Technology and interoperability are in the middle of rapid change, moving from PC to cloud and mobile. Every connected system must be both a sender and receiver of data for true scale. It’s a waste of time and money to re-create technical functionality. This does nothing but drive money into even more systems that require even more integration. And systems that require more integration create more islands of data. Delivering reliable, portable sentinel information to the right place at the right time is the key priority and it can be done today in a way that makes care work better and faster.

Guiding Principle #3: Waiting for system integrations in order to impact care and care transitions is not an option.

The reality is technology driven islands don’t fix care. In fact, most of the variable care cost on hospitalizations is related to the post-acute continuum, which doesn’t connect with the typical EMR system. Organizations that win are open to conducting rapid cycle tests of small (pilot) changes with their available resources and realize that paper is not a barrier to success. As an example, like it or not, faxes still remain the de facto tool for bridging incompatible chnologies.

Guiding Principle #4: A scalable system can’t require months of contracting and implementation to gain a new customer.

Value measured in hours and days verses weeks and months is at the core of everything ConfidentHealth does.  

Better Care, Better Cost, Better Patient Satisfaction Now

Keeping It Simple and Smart.


John Haughton MD, MS John Haughton MD, MS Founder and CEO

John Haughton MD, MS

Founder and CEO

John Haughton MD, MS
Meet John. Over the past twenty years, ConfidentHealth CEO and Founder, Dr. John Haughton (MD, MS), a geriatric rehabilitation physician with a degree in electrical engineering, has been on a quest to determine the surprisingly simple "fix" to the pain that providers, patients and payers are experiencing - disparate information. He’s successfully designed, implemented and sold two care management and clinical decision support companies (CogniMed, Inc. which sold to ActiveHealth Management, Inc. now part of Aetna and DocSite, now part of Covisint) with products that have measurably improved quality scores among individuals and populations and reduced cost in time and money. These products continue to be used by thousands of physicians, nurses, case managers and administrative staff working at solo physician practices, Independent Physician Association groups, large statewide quality improvement initiatives, health systems, and payer organizations. ConfidentHealth was born out of his continued desire to improve on what he’s already accomplished. He’s driven by innovation and the ability to create quick solutions that truly impact care quality and cost. John is currently acting as Chief Innovation Officer at an ACO and Health Plan in New York.
David Smeltzer MSE David Smeltzer MSE Chief Architect

David Smeltzer MSE

Chief Architect

David Smeltzer MSE
Meet David. Fueled by a passion for innovation and guided by a desire to create solutions that solve healthcare’s most challenging problems, David has set out to design software systems that measurably improve the quality of both individual and population health while driving down unnecessary costs. Through his determination to defragment and leverage available healthcare data, he began by addressing the underlying problems of achieving syntactic and Symantec interoperability amongst the diverse ecosystem of health information systems deployed by health networks. To this end he designed a highly adaptable and scalable health information exchange which can accept, normalize, and integrate data from any number of existing health information systems and claims feeds. With the fragmentation and interoperability problems solved a wealth of actionable information becomes available to patients, providers, and payers alike. David has worked closely with accountable care organizations and independent practice associations to understand and alleviate the pain points of care management. A graduate of Penn State’s masters of software engineering program and Grove City College’s molecular biology program, David is committed to being a lifetime learner and draws insight from exploring new and diverse ideas.
April Koontz MSW PMP April Koontz MSW PMP Chief Operating Officer

April Koontz MSW PMP

Chief Operating Officer

April Koontz MSW PMP
Meet April. Since 1992, April has worked in a variety of roles across a variety of healthcare organizations. She spent 15 years in the behavioral health arena providing direct clinical services to individuals, groups and families in inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization, residential and private practice. She also worked as a clinical supervisor in the Clinical Care Management department at ValueOptions, the nation’s largest independent behavioral health and wellness company. April has spent the last 10 years focused on health information technology. She’s implemented health information exchange and care management software across hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, durable medical equipment companies, national payer organizations, Independent Physician Associations and Health Information Exchange entities. She’s passionate about the difference technology can make in healthcare workflow and has a deep understanding of business process improvement. Last, but not least, April has worked as a Consumer Rights Investigator for the NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse (NC DMHSAS). She’s intensely committed to patient advocacy especially with the elderly population and is greatly interested in helping individuals and families have meaningful conversations about end of life planning.
Jeff Harris Jeff Harris Chief Patient Advisor

Jeff Harris

Chief Patient Advisor

Jeff Harris
Meet Jeff. Jeff has been a colleague of Dr. John Haughton’s since 1994 at the Whittier Rehabilitation Network; a privately owned group of interlinked inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies and ambulatory clinics. Jeff refers to himself as a patient that just so happened to choose the healthcare industry as a means to support himself. A diabetic since the age of ten he brings a much needed understanding of patient needs and the progressive fragmentation of America’s Healthcare Delivery System through the eyes of clinician, program manager and clinical informatics specialist. He worked as a subject matter expert and drafted some of the first decision support algorithms used for the clinical management of the top ten most costly conditions between 1999 and 2001. While assigned to these tasks he grew concerned that primary care physicians of the early 21st century were being asked to embrace both a technical and social paradigm shift without hands-on guidance. Jeff is a skilled speaker and counted on by organizations such as The Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative as an advisor and humorous statesman. He views the current market to be in early transition. One where technology can help defragment our industry at a human level and perhaps bring the patients, families and caregivers together again through efficient yet humane and thoughtful interaction.
David Snyder David Snyder SVP, Consulting Services

David Snyder

SVP, Consulting Services

David Snyder
Meet David. David is an international thought leader in performance management, business psychology and strategic consulting with a strong focus on business intelligence, predictive analytics and customer satisfaction. His books have been published in numerous languages worldwide, where he is highly regarded as an author and consultant in the field of performance metrics.David’s clients have included RTI, one of the largest research organizations in the world, where he helped develop best practices in commercial work for RTI’s Predictive Analytics team. His graduate studies at the Mind/Body Medical Institute of Harvard Medical School yielded published research findings on brain biology and emotional styles. He’s the author of two critically acclaimed business books, How To Mind Read Your Customers and How to Hire a Champion. How to Hire a Champion was named as an "outstanding work" and one of the best books available on building high performance teams by the Bloomberg Organization. He holds a graduate degree in psychology from Harvard and an undergraduate degree in English and Comparative Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. See www.mindread.net.

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