GPRO Reporting for ACO and PQRS

3 Simple Steps to GPRO Reporting Success!

Step 1 Get the files from CMS & send to us

Step 2 - Receive customized GPRO collection sheets

Step 3 - Enter the data in the CMS portal

P.S. There’s actually a Step 4. Ask us how we can make your next year’s GPRO collection and reporting even easier! (Hint: It has to do with an interface to your EMR.) 

Want more of the details about each GPRO Reporting Step?

“The 3 Simple Steps to Success!”

Do 30% Less Chart Reviews AND Beat the GPRO Reporting Deadline!

Finally. A super simple, time-saving and cost effective solution that eliminates the clutter of GPRO reporting.

Here’s how it works: We process 3 CMS files (patients, measure rankings, and providers) and create one GPRO collection sheet per patient that includes the specific GPRO measure fields required for that patient. We then rank the sheets so you can meet your GPRO numbers for each measure and not have to look up every GPRO patient – saving you up to 60% the effort!

We’ve got over 4 years of experience with a proven GPRO Reporting formula that really works!

Oh, and did we mention we’ve been successfully reporting PQRI/PQRS from its inception?

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